Smoking volcanoes, lush rainforest, pristine beaches and incredible diving

Explore the rich diversity of Indonesia with Bali Prima Holidays. Travel through Java with its mix of lush rice fields, smoking volcanoes and the temples and monuments of ancient civilisations. Seek out the mysteries of the underwater world in the sparkling blue waters of Raja Ampat or off the beaches of the Gili Islands, or embark on a trekking adventure to the rich jungles and natural grandeur of Irian Jaya.

Java, Sumba Komodo Adventure

With an archipelago of more than 17,000 islands spanning more than 5,000 kilometres, approximately one-eighth of the world’s circumference, Indonesia truly offers a travel adventure unlike any other. And with so many places to visit, the smart adventurer will need the help of one of Indonesia’s most experienced travel planners to navigate the maze that links so many diverse destinations.


Take a look at some of the sample trips posted on the site, indulge your imagination and plan your trip in advance, then allow our route planners to chart your journey, taking in as much as your time and budget allows. Whether it be a yachting sojourn through the Komodo National Park, trekking on the slopes of volcanoes or following the path of intrepid explorers of yesteryear, Bali Prima Holidays is your partner on the travel adventure of a lifetime.

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Rupiah is the local currency


Is the capital city

Nasi Goreng

Is Indonesia's national dish

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